Benefits of Report Writing Course

  • Structure reports for maximum impact and clarity

  • Write reports faster using a five-step process

  • Choose the most suitable style and tone for your reports

  • Meet the needs of your readers

  • Become more influential by writing action-oriented recommendations

Who is this course designed for?

  • Business professionals who regularly write reports

  • People who want to learn to summarise and write concisely

  • Anyone who wants to learn to write effective documents

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and Introduction to Tutor

  • 2

    Module 1: Introduction to Report Writing

  • 3

    Module 2: Planning Your Report

    • Lesson 1: Time and Focus Management

    • Lesson 2: Purpose and Title

    • ASSIGNMENT: Purpose and Title Assignment

    • ASSIGNMENT: Download 'Adapting To Climate Change' document

    • Lesson 3: Audience

    • Lesson 4: Persuasive Writing

    • ASSIGNMENT: Persuasive Writing Assignment

    • Lesson 5: Style and Tone

  • 4

    Module 3: Report Structure

    • Lesson 1: Outline and Structure

    • Lesson 2: Executive Summary

    • ASSIGNMENT: Executive Summary Assignment

    • ANSWER: Sample Executive Summary

    • Lesson 3: Table of Contents and Introduction section

    • Lesson 4: Main Points, Findings, Conclusions

    • Lesson 5: How To Write Recommendations

    • ASSIGNMENT: SMART Recommendations Assignment

    • Lesson 6: Reference List and Appendices

  • 5

    Module 4: Drafting Your Report

    • Lesson 1: Writing Your First Draft

  • 6

    Module 5: Writing and Editing

    • Lesson 1: Effective Writing Techniques

    • ASSIGNMENT: Effective Writing Exercises

    • Answers to Effective Writing Exercises

    • Lesson 2: Grammar

  • 7

    Module 6: Polishing

    • Lesson 1: Polishing Up Your Report

  • 8

    Module 7: Using Visuals in Reports

    • Lesson 1: Communicating Through Visuals

  • 9

    Wrap Up

    • Summary of Learnings and Message of Thanks from Instructor

Meet Your Instructor

Report Writing Trainer

Fiona Ashe

Fiona Ashe is a copywriter, scriptwriter, broadcast journalist, book editor, filmmaker, and PR/marketing executive.

She trains the Irish Government and multinationals in:
– Report Writing
– Business Writing
– Writing Briefing Notes
– Writing Speeches

Through the Irish national tourism agency Fáilte Ireland, Fiona trains tourism businesses in:
– Copywriting
– Creating Social Content

Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications Studies, Dublin City University, Ireland.

Social proof: testimonials

Government Official

Government of Ireland

“Fiona was an excellent trainer — she really engaged well with the group and made the topics incredibly easy to understand. The materials provided were particularly helpful as they can be used in the future for reference and are clear and detailed enough to use without the instructor.”

Government Official

Government of Ireland

"Trainer Fiona Ashe has exceptional communication skills. Her skills and methods used throughout the course I studied would be of huge benefit in wider communication-related training for our department and, I believe, for the public service as a whole."

Mark Browne

Managing Director of

“I really am feeling the benefits of your writing masterclass. I am so much happier with our initial message on the homepage of the website and also Facebook and Twitter. It seems only appropriate to reach out and say a big thank you. Great stuff!”

Jenny Reynolds

Topper Technology

“Fiona's 'Writing for Business Clarity' course was really helpful. It was very insightful and useful. We were given powerful words and phrases; and also it’s great to get feedback on how you describe your business — not from your perspective but from your customer’s perspective.”

Sarah O'Connor

The Cool Bean Company

“One of the things we learned on Fiona's course that we could be doing better is using personal words — connecting with the customer. That was something that when we changed it in our current writing, it made it a lot more effective. It was really interesting to see how a small difference can actually make a massive difference in the effectiveness of the content.”

Advantages of choosing this course